October 2011


Shop Hop is winding down and on Tuesday, October 4th we will meet and draw for the prizes. I am getting good response for those of you who signed up that you like having it 2 week-ends in a row.
Thank you for your participation in this year’s Harvest Shop Hop.

My Dad is on his second week of visiting and getting anxious to go back home to Indiana. I agree with him that you can only sit so long even though he sits most of the day at home—at 98 you can do what you want. Tuesday will be his last day here and I can get back up to my sewing room each evening.
New items have been arriving all week. Got in lots of new brushed cottons—many designed by Primitive Gatherings. Great for backings for wool projects and backgrounds for everything. Maggie’s new book Buttonwood Farm is in the shop and flying out the door. I have two wool kits for her projects. One is a Wool Bird, and the other is a Wool Hearth Rug. I put the backing on the Wool Bird today and have it hanging in the shop. The kit is 30.00. The Wool Hearth Rug kit is 69.00 and I will be starting that soon. Many other new books have come in; one is Renee Plaines Stitches from the Schoolhouse. I have made several of these projects in classes with her but just need to put some finishing touches on them. Another book that is very enjoyable and has a beautiful quilt to make is called Faithful and Devoted. These are all Kansas City Star books. Crazy Quilted Memories is another great new book that came in on Thursday. Check them all out on Whats New on the website.

Jo’s Variety should be coming in October. As you know, Andover was hit hard by the hurricane at one of their warehouses. They are working very hard to get back on track. I have 5” squares for you to get a sneak peak on what will be coming.

The class schedule for October is on the website. Remember we rug hook every Friday evening at the shop and The Saturday Crankers will be meeting on October 22. Please join us with your hand crank or machine with a tail. You may work on your own project or do one we have kitted with instructions for you.

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