May 2012

Notes from Nancy

Well, lots of work has been going on for the new website which is almost finished. Some buttons need to be added to be able to purchase on the website.
Phone calls have been coming in for kits etc. that are in the Sampler Magazine. I have even ordered MORE MAGAZINES.  This is the beginning of a great ride!  Hope I can keep up on the energy I need for this!  Kits and magazines are selling well.

Now I have MORE NEWS– This is an invitation for all of you who can to come to the Eaton County Courthouse-Museum (downtown courthouse) on Friday evening, May 11, from 5:00-7:00 for viewing antique quilts and a selection of my retired quilts–and some of which I use! There is a reception and goodies and you can get your magazine and kit if you have not already done so.
Two new lines have come and not all of them are on the website yet. Seventeen bolts of Seasonal Little Gatherings at 10.99 yd. came while I was at Workt By Hand in Ohio. (I think 3 of them are on the website but I will get there! Then Monday Jo’s new line of Sunday Best (shirtings) came and they are really nice. The girls have been busy cutting fat quarters and fat quarter bundles and fat eighth bundles and they are gone and now we have to start over again! 
Jo called me today and she put the patterns in the mail she did for “just me” of some of her older Jo’s Little Women patterns that I have samples of as some are in the magazine.  They should be here by the middle of next week.
Now, I am ready to create a May Class Schedule/Club and Fun Stuff events.   Thanks for all your support–I couldn’t be where I am today without all of you who love the shop.        Nancy

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