Tip: Suggestions on making a difficult first quilt

I am making my first quilt, Baking Days. Probably not an easy one to start with, but that is the one the 3 day class is making, 6 hours total! (I may set this aside and find something easier). I am on the first block and realized I am using Glaced cotton! I will change to 100% quilting machine cotton, is this correct? Should I discard the first block and start over? Also I am using all flannel material on top. What material do you suggest I use on the back? It is for my son and will take a beating. Any suggestions will be appreciated:

I’m not sure what “glaced” cotton thread is but if it is cotton, it should be ok. You should use 50 weight sewing cotton for the construction of your quilt, something like Coats or Mettler. Quilting thread is what we use to do the actual quilting of the three layers of our quilt. Your quilt will be nice and cozy made in flannel. I would have recommended cotton rather than flannel for your first quilt because I think it is a little easier to work with, but I think you can make it work. Flannel is just a little bit thicker and sometimes stretches a bit. Because flannel IS so cozy, it would be great to have on the back too. I hope this helps. Maybe you would post a photo on our website when you are finished. Just go to the “share your quilt” button. Good luck with your project!

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