March 2012


Well, where do I start to fill you in as so many new books and patterns and wool have found their way to The Hen House since last month. Mary Jane’s Farm is a new magazine I am now carrying. It is doing very well. Reading it you will learn tid-bits about a lot of subjects like collecting vintage hats, making organic pizza on a grill, upcycled wedding dresses and how to paint walls to look rustic plus lots of other articles all in this issue. I am sure I am going to have to order more.
Check out the Whats New and the Gallery on the website. Pictures are worth a 1000 words you know. Today the canvas bags came that I will use to hold the kits for the American Glory quilt kit. They have a zipper at the top and this bag is something I am sure all of you will want!

We have a great selection of classes for you during the month of March. Check them out and give us a call to sign up. Wednesday Woolies, no charge, is getting a lot of attention.

I am working on a new stitchery flag made with raw silk and wool. It is 31” long and fits in a picture frame. The stitchery is done and now I am ready to lace it to the backing before framing. I am sure you can find the pattern in the Whats New on the website.

Keep stitching and we will talk next month.


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